Website of London-based artist Ludovica Gioscia. Strongly process-based, Gioscia’s practice reads like a diary of layered experiences and relations. Often employing unusual materials, such as cat hair, emotions and energy, the artists’ studio functions as the catalyst for non-linear ecological experiments.

Portal 23 and Dream Robe 2, 2020 photo Jonathan Bassett  © Ludovica Gioscia

Since 2019 many of my creations are collaborations with other beings – they may be green, four-legged or invisible. The palette of ingredients that I use has expanded and now includes emotions and organic matter. During 2019 I collaborated mainly with trees, and since the beginning of 2020 I have established a strong working relationship […]

Recent works (2019-2021)

Moist Feelings, 2020. Photo Joshua White © Ludovica Gioscia

CERAMICS (2013-2021)

Gift For Arturo, 2020 (shelf in collaboration with Mark Thurgood). photo Jonathan Bassett © Ludovica Gioscia

This section houses paper and wallpaper works created as a by-product of the Giant Decollages or from the debris of the latter. The paper maches, the most recent evolution in this line of enquiry, are alchemical compressions of energy and experience.


Bomarzo Vertigo, 2010, Fundacio Miro', Barcellona. Hand printed and commercial wallpaper, dimensions variable. © Photography by Pere Pratdesaba.

Examples of various types of installations, including the Giant Decollages and Debris series.

Wallpaper site-specific installations (2004-2019)

Mercurial Flow (detail), appeared 2017 @ Baert Gallery. Aluminium and ceramic shell. © Photograph Joshua White.

The Infinite Present is my non-linear modus operandi, which I adopted in 2016.

INFINITE PRESENT (2016-ongoing)

Overview of solo show Infinite Present @ Baert Gallery, 2017. © Photograph Joshua White.

There are many actors within the Infinite Present’s ecosystem which are made from fabric, and they perform a number of roles.

Textiles (2016-2021)

Exothermic Reaction, 2018. Paper mache realised with pulped c-print tests, various coloured papers, magazines acrylic paint, screenprinting ink, wallpaper paste, debris from previous works, mdf, primer, gloss paint, rope and plastic . 102 x 37 x 8 cm. Photography Michele Panzeri © Ludovica Gioscia

The Giant Accessories borrow and elevate elements from other series, such as the wallpaper sculptures and Debrocks.


Debrock 32, Art Australia magazine and glue, 30 x 28 x 28 cm. © Photograph Alex Wisser.

The Debrocks have evolved from a previous line of enquiry: the Wallpaper Sculptures. The aforementioned are three-dimensional structures created from paper.

DEBROCKS (2011-2017)

Pan-Stack, 2012 (part of Product Placement @ Angus Hughes Gallery). Screenprinting ink on cardboard, 300 x 75 x 75 cm. © Photograph Michele Panzeri.

Previous lines of enquiry (2007-2016)