• Vomitorium, 2009. © Photography Michele Panzeri.

    Vomitorium, 2009. © Photography Michele Panzeri.

  • VOMITORIA (2008-2015)

    VOMITORIA (2008-2015)

    The Vomitoria are an ongoing series of self-vomiting wooden sculptures that I began in 2009. They are inspired by the bingeing practices of the Romans who used to overeat and then relieve themselves in order to eat more.

    It is unclear whether the vomitorium as a designated place for acid reflux really existed or whether the Romans just purged themselves directly on the floor whilst still eating. The self-vomiting sculptures are a reflection of our compulsive need for more and are a regurgitation of pre-digested choices that are already made for us by smart marketing strategists. The fountain-like aesthetic is used as a metaphor for the cycle that is generated through our constant need for the new in order to consume more. In the last year the series has mutated into a fake fashion label (Vomitorium Label, alas VL) that upchucks a new outfit for itself every season.