I am fascinated by the psychological mechanisms that underpin marketing strategies and our relationship with consumption. In particular I am interested in accumulation and destruction, and I often emulate this cycle in my artworks.

In my practice I explore compulsions and obsessions that most of us experience; be it our constant need to refresh our emails or check Facebook, our habitual purchase of that same brand of toothpaste or, at its most extreme, an unstoppable impulse to hoard. I collect all manner of things as both a manifestation of, and reflection upon, the latter – organising accumulated material into various archives, as part of the process of investigation.

For instance, my make-up archive is a vast, chroma-led accumulation of cut-outs from cosmetic ads in which the product is presented as destroyed. The make-up archive reflects on a recent marketing trend in which cosmetics are presented in a desecrated manner, pointing to a visual sexualisation of obscolescence.

Another example is my wallpaper collection: since 2003 I have been buying commercial wallpapers and printing my own. The Giant Decollage series stems from this archive. The works are formed from accumulated layers of wallpaper, stripped back to reveal the strata underneath - emulating the consumers’ need to get rid of the old to in order to make room for the new.


Ludovica Gioscia (born 1977, Rome) lives and works in London. She graduated with an MFA Fine Art Media from the Slade School of Art in 2004 and has been exhibiting internationally since. Solo shows include Infinite Present at Baert Gallery in Los Angeles, Shapeshifters at MaxMara in London curated by Marina Dacci (2017), Neurotic Seduction Astral Production at John Jones Project Space in London (2014), Mineral Rush Flamingo Crush at Galleria Mangiabarche in Calasetta (2013), Vermilion Glow Bleeds Rust at Riccardo Crespi in Milan (2013), Forecasting Ouroboros at MACRO in Rome (2012), Wild Boys at VITRINE in London (2010), Papered Portraits at The Warhol in Pittsburgh curated by Eric Shiner and Mikado at Siobhan Davies Studios (2009). In 2015 Gioscia presented a specially commissioned and semi-permanent site-specific installation at Maraya Art Park in Sharjah and another site-specific installation at OFF Biennale Cairo. Previously Gioscia has shown in group shows at the American Academy in Rome, Analix Forever in Geneva, The Miro' Foundation in Barcelona, The Warhol in Pittsburgh, The Flag Art Foundation, Allegra LaViola and Salon 94 in NY, VITRINE, Siobhan Davies Studios, Jerwood Space and South London Gallery in London, MNAC in Bucharest and Comfort Moderne in Poitiers. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Fluor, Exibart, Exit Epress, Flash Art international, Kunstforum, Etapes international, Elephant, The End and AN. In 2012 edizioni Olivares published Ludovica’s first monographic catalogue.

© Photograph by Ala d'Amico

© Photograph by Ala d'Amico